Change Agility

Investing in organisational change capability will increase the agility of your organisation and increase the success of all future endeavors.

Building a whole of organisation capability is much more than the implementation of a change management methodology, rather it means working on all facets of the organisation.

Change management capability needs to be understood as a whole and the links between the way that leaders lead and govern change, the way that business areas accept and sustain change and the way that projects run initiatives and manage business readiness activities all have an impact on organizational effectiveness.

Creating the case for changing the status quo is a complex and multi-faceted challenge involving a number of stakeholders.

Building a case for change can be based around two key elements:
1. Existing costs in managing change activities through the assessment of synergies (i.e. using training budgets to develop consistent platform/standards for all)
2. Leaving value on the table and avoiding future costs of ineffective strategy implementation.

The research is clear, leaders can develop substantial competitive advantage by viewing organisational change capability as more than the sum of its project parts and increasing the agility, resilience and high performance of their organisation.