Assessment is the first step to understanding organisational change capability.

Your organisational change maturity can be assessed against the model through specially developed surveys and workshops. Once existing change capability has been assessed, the ‘gaps’ can be identified, prioritized and a plan developed to build the required maturity levels to meet the needs of your organisational strategy.

The OCMM assessment process consists of an organisation survey and report with optional bench marking to other similar organisations.

The assessment survey can be carried out in a number of ways.

Workshops are ideal for assessment where conversations and learning’s across areas is important.This flexibility means that the style of assessment can be matched to the level of detail required, the scope of the assessment, different locations and time demands on the people involved

Interviews, often by phone are ideal for time poor senior executives.

Surveys are effective for a higher level, initial assessment or follow up assessment only due to the limits to clarification and quality answers.

Assessments can be carried out internally by licensing the model, or externally through the standard tools and/or consulting expertise.