Digital trends in change management

This interesting article from McKinsey research explores how even change management can be disrupted through the use of new digital tools, making change ‘more meaningful—and durable—both for the individuals who are experiencing it and for those who are implementing it’.

The article re-enforces the concept that long planning cycles are now redundant and organisations need to be more agile to face in to the challenges of the future.

Read the full article here.

Change trends in the health industry

A white paper developed by Helen Bevan and Steve Fairman for the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, captures key change ideas, such as change from the edge, effective curation of knowledge and the use of digital tools, and it’s application in a health and care context.


Read more about the new trends that are influencing the way that the NHS approaches transformational change here

Realising an agile organisational design

Creating agility  through organisational design is important, many organisations lurch from restructure to restructure without truly understanding how they can match the needs of changing world to the organisational design of their business.

Research from Deloitte highlights the limitations of traditional approaches to organisational restructures such as ineffective workforce data analysis, lack of support to middle management who are often left to design and implement, and a lack of understanding of the supporting change that is required to achieve benefits.

Read the more about this topic here

Change management needs to change

With increasing change management maturity there is a need to ensure that managers and leaders gain change capability, rather than relying on HR and change specialists. This Harvard Business Review article highlights that ‘The content of change management is reasonably correct, but the managerial capacity to implement it has been woefully underdeveloped.’

If change management has’become ‘one more work-stream for every project, instead of a new way of thinking about how to get something accomplished’ organisations have missed the point and need to increase their organisational change maturity.

Read on for more information here.

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